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January 30, 2013

On-site Optimization for Law Firm Websites

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In order for law firms to gain a competitive edge in today’s online community they need to adapt an effective internet marketing plan. This includes search engine optimization strategies or “SEO”. SEO can be a challenging and overwhelming task for law firms to try to tackle themselves. It can be greatly beneficial to have lawyer SEO experts handle the task. The technicians and designers at WebShark360 have the skills and knowledge necessary to give your website the added advantage it needs to excel in today’s competitive market.
SEO requires more work than traditional Pay Per Click campaigns. However if it is done well, it can be incredibly effective in getting your site noticed online and save you a great deal of money as well.

On-Site Optimization Tips And Practices

On-site optimization is search engine optimization that takes place on your own website to boost its ranking in the results that come up when people type in searches. Techniques that are used include:
• Code optimization
• Internal structure
• Dynamic content
Code optimization – consists of things such as meta tags, title, keywords, descriptions and robot tags. These are usually not visible to visitors and consist mainly of “behind the scenes” work. Google is constantly changing the algorithm that they go by to determine rankings of sites. In recent years meta tags and meta keywords are increasingly becoming less significant in determining rankings. The site of Alexander Cohen, ESQ could be an example.

Internal structure and Navigation Of The Website

All in all this basically involves how the website is set up and consists of things such as how many clicks it takes for visitors to get to the inner pages on your site. If your website is too deep and hard for visitors to use, Google will pick up on this as well and it may possibly work against your ranking.
Dynamic content strategy – has become extremely important in SEO. Websites with a lot of quality content that readers want to read are rewarded by Google with higher rankings. If you would like help with finding other ways to market your firm on the internet then contact the lawyer SEO professionals at WebShark360. Their skills and knowledge can give your website the added advantage it needs to excel in today’s competitive market.

Removing Your Law Firm’s Past Social Media from Google Searches

Perhaps someone from your law firm violated Professional Rules of Conduct on the company’s Facebook page by posting a comment that boasted or celebrated a recent courtroom victory. Or maybe someone posted inappropriate and unprofessional pictures of attorneys or staff members partying at the recent holiday company event. Either way, the posts or photos show the firm in a negative light and you’d prefer that they not show up in Google search results. Although preventing information from showing up in searches after it has been posted is not the easiest thing to do, there is still hope for those who would rather keep unflattering posts and pictures hidden. The lawyer SEO professionals at some firms can help your firm handle your online marketing efforts and help you get noticed in the most positive light.

Many social media sites that are out there such as Facebook and Twitter provide privacy options for who can and can’t see the content that you post. You can change the name on your account or your privacy settings. This is however only effective for content that you post going forward. Is does little to remove content that you have posted previously. Facebook allows you to delete a previous post eliminating it from your page but it may still show up in Google search results. It is however possible to remove previous posts from Google searches. Here are the steps:
• Copy the URL for your social media profile
• Open Google’s “Content Removal Page”
• Click the “Create new removal request” button and paste the link to your profile
• On the next page, give a piece of information that is on the cached version in order to remove cached content relating to the page.
• Submit your request

It is important to keep in mind that not all requests for links to be removed will be granted and there is no set time for when the information will be removed. If you would like help with other ways to market your company on the internet then contact the lawyer SEO experts at WebShark360. We help you build a site that fits your audience and gets you the attention you desire.

Simple Steps to Creating a Dynamic Attorney Website

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According to recent statistics, over 77% of the people who live in the United States used the internet in 2011. Consumers are increasingly using the internet as a major source of information when they are researching products and services that they are considering purchasing. This is true for legal services as well. Prospective clients will seek out law firm websites, read profiles, case results and information about specific practice areas when trying to determine who to choose for legal representation.

For this reason, it is extremely important for law firms to have quality websites that will be effective in attracting new clients. Experienced lawyer SEO experts can help you create the best possible website for your firm. The technicians and designers at WebShark360 have the skills and knowledge necessary to give your website the added advantage it needs to excel in today’s competitive market.
Here are some simple steps and tips to follow when creating your law firm website such as The C.A. Group, P.C. as an example..

• Take some time to think about what your goals are for the website and what information you want to include.
• Determine who your target audience is.
• Put yourself in your client’s shoes in thinking about your website and what type of information you would like to see and read.
• Look at other attorney websites to get inspiration.
• Include a professional photo of yourself and other lawyers in your firm to personalize it
• Try to include keywords for lawyer SEO related topics on your website, in titles and content.
• Consider adding a blog to your website to express your firm’s message and talk about relevant topics. It can also provide a medium to include keywords and relevant content.
• Include links to your social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

If you would like help with your website and ways to market your company on the internet then contact the lawyer SEO experts at WebShark360. We help you build a site that fits your audience and gets you the attention you desire.

November 30, 2011

How to Choose the Best IT Network Setup?

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Most businesses today, small and large alike, will need to set up an internal network or company server system of some kind. Gone are the days of business computer systems all being separated; the modern network is capable of linking large groups of computers and users together for a much
more efficient means of exchanging information, protecting information and accessing remote software programs.

What Every Network Should Have:

There are many different types of networks and just as many ways to set up an efficient network system. It may depend on the specific type of computers that will be networked together, the size of the business, and specific needs of the company that will help an IT network specialist decide the best approach.

Regardless of business network size, all networks will need to have a secure and strong firewall put into place. A firewall is absolutely essential for protecting the network against malware attacks, third-party hacking, and viruses. They also enable users to control access to the Internet or WAN (wide-area network). This is especially useful for some network setups using Cisco or Sonicwall.

It support companies can also set up gigabit switches and specific Cat6 wiring, which will allow a much faster within the LAN itself, as well as set up the proper DWE (Domain Windows Environment) so users on the network can easily access folders and data stored on the network itself. Maintaining, troubleshooting and upgrading existing servers are also common
services IT Support New York and Los Angeles specialists can provide.

Locating IT Support Companies:

Fortunately for the business owner, office manager or business administrator, professional IT and network specialists can be found all across the country in nearly every city. If you are on the East or West coast, IT Network Support New York and IT Support Los Angeles companies are
especially renowned for their knowledge and services.

Using an Internet search engine, it should be easy to find regional IT support companies for any area. Searching for IT Network Support New York or IT Support Los Angeles will provide result links to IT support providers in those given areas.

July 28, 2011

San Jose News:Auto Camera Traffic Technology a Failure?

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I just returned to San Jose, back in writing mode…According to the Associated Press, red-light camera program in Los Angeles will officially end July 31. The City Council and the city Police Commission voted to terminate the surveillance program because most of the motorists refused to pay their traffic tickets. The program has issued about 180,000 tickets since 2004, however, there is no significant consequences for not paying the auto fine. If the motorists simply ignore their tickets, no one can force them to pay because of the way the current traffic laws are written. Here in San Jose this is a big issue.

Authorities say that the photo enforcement program fines are voluntary and it is impossible to collect them without changing the law. The problem was that the camera tickets were issued to the owner of the car, not necessarily to the person that was driving it. That’s why the Superior Court wasn’t willing to strictly enforce red-light camera fine collections. The person who received the ticket may not be the driver who committed the traffic violation. My friend who runs a San Jose Auto Service has told me that his customers over at the said auto service center have confirmed this to him.
Saratoga Shell
1698 South De Anza Boulevard, San Jose, CA 95129
(408) 252-0862
Some motorists paid their fines because they didn’t know it was optional. Ironically, the authorities fined everyone who showed up in court and excused those who ignored the auto ticket. The collection agencies may try to collect the fines, however, the credit reports or the insurance premiums won’t be affected. If the owner of the vehicle makes a mistake of showing up in court, he will face the same penalties as a recipient of a traffic ticket personally issued by a police officer. Some service, hugh, imagine having your auto stolen and then getting a ticket from the thief.

May 9, 2011

Why Use Event Management Software? Read This and Decide for Yourself

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When you run a catering/banquet/hospitality related business, you know how important the small details are. The process of taking an event from its inception to completion can be complicated and stressful, particularly if you have many events going simultaneously. Event management software makes it all easier and less stressful, enhancing efficiency and accuracy. Why leave anything to chance?

There are so many aspects of running any business in the food industry. It is essential that you are on top of everything, from scheduling events and keeping up with ingredients to customer relations, financial reporting and ensuring that your customers are happy. Event management software offers a process driven design that ensures every event is completed successfully. Your unique operations are broken down in to a series of steps that flow easily from one to the next all the way through completion of the event. No worries about forgetting an important detail; automatic tracers generate daily to-do lists automatically, and follow up reminders ensure that no detail goes overlooked.

If you’ve ever had one of those clients who changes their mind over and over again, you know how frustrating and time-consuming it can be. Event management software offers a food and beverage menu selector that makes changes easy and instant. When a client wants an event order changed, simply point and click! In an instant, the changes are complete.

How much time do you spend managing the financial end of your business? With event management software, there is no need to spend hours every week on forecasting, invoices, sales reports, payment summaries and other financial aspects. This incredible technology produces all of these reports and financial data instantly, saving your hours of headaches and stress.

The busiest times of the year can be extremely stressful and hectic; how can you easily manage an unlimited number of events and do it all without mistakes or double bookings? An automated event book is another feature of it that you will find you cannot do without. Check availability, copy repeat events, manage any number of banquet or event sites and locations. Running a banquet or catering business has never been easier – or more accurate.

These are just a few of the features of event management software that will not only make your life easier, but impact your bottom line. Try it for yourself and see why so many satisfied clients have found they simply cannot live without it.

April 22, 2011

OT:Some General Rules for Homebuyers

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This may be a little off tpoic as I just got back froma trip to Maui and was impressed by the real estate there, back in Denver, CO now…First-time homebuyers must follow few simple rules purchasing property. First of all, it is very important to choose the right mortgage. If you are looking at Maui real estate then you can bet the mortgage will probably be pretty high overall. Compare all the options and do all the financial calculations and your Electrical and so forth. Pay attention to the initial and future interest rates and stay away from the loans with prepayment penalties. It is better to get pre-approved than “pre-qualified” when looking for a home. Pre-approval means that all your information is verified by the lender and you already know the terms an conditions of your loan. Pre-qualification is just an educated guess.
It is important to provide correct information when you apply for a loan. Lying on your loan application can be a federal offense and later your lenders may call your loan due and payable. Sometimes, lenders themselves put misleading information on the client’s loan application to get them pre-approved, however, buyers end up with unaffordable monthly payments. It is better not to accumulate too many car loans and credit card debt when you are planning to buy a home. Buyers with an excessive credit may be denied a mortgage loan, especially if an expensive one like in Maui, for example.
Make sure to hire an independent home inspector to examine the property. Choose someone with a valid contractors license if you are here in Lakewood or any other applicable state contractror license like that for your Denver Co Electrical contractors overall. Trained professionals can detect problems with the property better than the buyer. Trying to save $300 on the home inspection can be a costly mistake. When remodeling your new home, don’t forget to check out a contractor by calling his former clients. Don’t give a contractor too much money upfront to purchase the materials and never pay cash. At worst, a con man will disappear with your check, at best he will use your money to finance another job. Try to avoid making all these mistakes and your homebuying process should go smoothly.

April 18, 2011

Designing the Perfect Wedding: The Planner

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I just got back to Lake Tahoe from Denver, CO. to look at real estate, back to writing. After the sun melted into the sea, we roasted marshmallows over a big bonfire. No one wanted to go home.
Naturally, Alisa and Stephen read heartfelt, loving vows that they had written for each other. There is something endearing about an unpretentious wedding. It seems to say that the marriage and the celebration of it are what counts—not how expensive it was. If you require a leading contractor I do recommend this firm.
A successful wedding is very well-planned and well-considered. It spotlights the bride and groom and their love and commitment. It should reflect who they are as human beings.
A wedding celebrates the hallowed relationship of two people and brings the friends and families of the two together, inviting them to share in the couple’s joy.
I heard someone suggest naming your tables after places that you have visited, or incorporate artwork created by either one of you. At one wedding, each table had puzzle pieces that when put together became a photo taken by the couple in their travels.
Remember that simple and sincere is elegant. It’s the love shared by two people that is beautiful.
This is the best time in history to get married. Incidentially if you have been married you may want to consider Denver Co Electrical contractors since it is a good time to look into it in Denver, CO or Lakewood now because of the market for electrical contractors. The old stale conventions are fast becoming obsolete. Conventions such as, “women must wear pastels only.” And, “only the bride may wear white.”
That’s not to say people don’t love and enjoy the traditions surrounding marriage. But now, a bride can wear anything she wants to get married in, the couple can have a ceremony that reflects who they are, can have a celebration that is unique and memorable.

March 23, 2011

Monster Communications Deal Making History

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Good to be back from Denver, had to see my attorney over there. The financial markets are a-buzz with the news this morning that AT&T plans to purchase T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom for $39 billion cash and stock. The deal could mean the new behemoth could become America’s largest wireless carrier. I am not sure what they are going to do with this and also and business internet phone plans or for that matter international calls from cell phone with calling cards and so forth.
As usual, what looks like a great thing to Wall Street, looks like another smack down for the little guy. T-Mobile had some of the better deals around for small consumers.
In a report in MarketWatch, written by Jennifer Waters this morning, under the title, “What AT&T’s buyout of T-Mobile means for you,” electronics editor at Consumer Reports magazine was quoted as saying, “It’s likely to make the [cell-phone] market more and more into a duopoly between AT&T and Verizon.” Did not mentioned the international voip. This reminds me of the deal that went down in Denver earlier.
For Wall Street, it’s the details that are of interest, such as the fact that JP Morgan is backing AT&T with a $20 billion bridge loan to make the deal with Deutsche Telekom happen. O)h by the way if you are in Denver of for that matter Highlands park and need a qualified Denver internet attorney who also does copywrite, trademark, business contract and also is a Denver software licensing attorney then I do suggest this leading firm. Also, AT&T will pay a “reverse break-up fee “of $3 billion in cash if the deal doesn’t go through. AT&T would also have to relinquish some of its rights to wireless spectrum and roaming capabilities to Deutsche Telekom.
CNBC Reporter Kate Kelly wrote a piece under the headline, “JP Morgan, AT&T Bet Big on Telecom Deal,” posted today, March 21, 2011. Kelly says, “In percentage terms, AT&T’s 7.6 percent reverse break-up fee is the largest in M&A history.

March 18, 2011

Prolotherapy and PRP on the Cutting Edge of Medical Technology

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I just retuened from a Sun City nursing homes to see my grandmother and learned about PRP injections and prolotherapy treatments a while back, and once I read about it I started seeing quite a lot of mentiones of it here and there as a whole.
I thought to myself, if you have a sports injury such as a rotator cuff tear, then really why not try a treatment which is simple, harmless, and even inexpensive prior to to the intrusive surgery option?
More and more healthcare providers are coming to this conclusion, and prolotherapy is gaining steadily in popularity around the world. PRP which stands for Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy has been used (along with prolotherapy) for a variety of different conditions out there.
For example, Dr. Mitchell J. Bloom, graduated medical school in New York, completed his four year residency specialty training at The University of Rochester in 1989 in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, started his medical career as the Associate Medical Director of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at two hospitals in the U.S. and in 1989 he became the founder and Medical Director of The Centre for Mind – Body Medicine. Because PRP and prolotherapy injections are treatments aminly used in sports injury rehab you will not likely see it in Phoenix, Arizona and arizona luxury homes for the elderly as much. I am not saying it is never used in elderly care but PRP is just less likely to be seen in a arizona luxury homes or Sun City nursing home overall, that’s all.
Dr. Bloom is Board Certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, a Diplomat of The American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and a registered specialist medical doctor with The Medical Council of New Zealand, a member of the Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, New Zealand Association of Musculoskeletal Medicine, Australasian Integrative Medical Association and the American Academy of Pain Medicine.
Sr. Bloom is a passionate believer in prolotherapy, and only one eminent example of a provider of the treatment. From China to Japan, from Australia to Spain to the U.S. prolotherapy is becoming a staple in the treatment of chronic pain and musculoskeletal injury.

September 28, 2010

How Event Management Software Affects Your Bottom Line

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Event management software offers so many amazing benefits, all of which essentially affect your bottom line. Improved efficiency and productivity along with an intelligent workflow that make the natural flow of events nearly automatic not only make your life easier, the time savings is substantial. If you find that doing all of the tasks necessary to make your hospitality or catering service successful
requires more time and effort than you would like, check out the benefits of event management software – you won’t be disappointed!

Imagine if the operations of your business could be broken down into intuitive steps that move events forward in their lifecycle in sequential steps automatically; would it save you time and effort? You bet it would! Event management software works in every area of your business from customer relations and financial reporting to managing events and creating proposals or menus. Once you experience the benefits for yourself, you’re sure to wonder how you ever survived without this amazing technology.

When you run your business in the most efficient manner possible, it always affects your bottom line. When you never have to worry about over- or under-staffing, itmakes an impact to your profits. A catering or hospitality business is often labor intensive; when you staff events efficiently, the savings are substantial. This is capable of so many things, it’s hard to impress upon you what all it can do!

Here are a few examples to give you an idea:

1. Automatic tracers generate to-do lists and follow-up reminders automatically,
leaving little room for error.

2. Food and beverage menu selectors allow you to create proposals and menus in
seconds – just point and click on the foods and beverages you want to include from a
selection you enter in to the database once.

3. Manage equipment inventory, create packing lists, and input setup and service
requirements in no time at all with setup and service wizards, which also allow you
to generate checklists in seconds.

4. If you spend far too much time on the financial aspects of your business, event
management software puts an end to this! Produce invoices, cost reports, detailed
sales and aging reports and more instantly, and never worry about mistakes or
documents that are inaccurate.

5. Manage customer relationships effortlessly. Any successful business owner knows
that it is essential that you manage current customers effectively and build new
clients. Now, you can maintain a comprehensive customer database that includes
correspondence, phone conversations, buying history and more so that you can easily
look up any information you need or prospect future business.

Integrated e-mail, automatic document creation, an automated event book and
effortless room diagramming are just a few more of the benefits of event management
software you are going to love. Ready to make running your catering or hospitality
business easier and more efficient than ever before? Check out all of the aspects
of this one-of-a-kind software. You will truly be amazed.

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