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April 5, 2010

Dentist Shows Commitment to Eco-Green Office

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I just returned from Thornton. Lucille Chi wrote the story titled; Green Hygiene: San Francisco Green Dentist – the New Pioneer in Green Dentistry, posted April 3rd, 2010 in Beauty and Personal Care column on FeelGoodCare.com’s website.
Chi writes, “Green hygiene is a great topic we cover often here…..”
It struck me in reading Chi’s article that the things her dentist is doing in the commitment to going green probably inspires the patient’s confidence in the safety and technological advancement of the office. As an aside if you need a thornton dentist you may want to try this practice. They also cover Westminster, Broomfield in addition to Thornton and they do teeth whitening, veneers, invisalign, sedation dentistry and cosmetic procedures as well.
Chi writes that her dentist is pioneering a new form of dentistry with their LEED certified oral wellness center that is strives toward zero waste.
Chi then lists the following steps the Green Dentist and dentistry team is committed to being green by:
* creating an office that has been designed to maximize energy efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint.
* using state-of-the-art dental technology to minimize toxic pollution and water waste.
* informing their patients know they’re exposed to 90 percent less radiation.
* using digital imaging technology instead of older-style x-rays for tooth imaging that eliminates the need for toxic x-ray development chemicals.
* the use of steam-based, surgical-grade instrument sterilization, containing no harmful chemicals and reducing water use.
*putting in a special water filtration system allows for the environmentally sound disposal of old mercury fillings, to prevent pollution of our local water ways.
* implementing biodegradable sterilization solutions are used to clean examination areas.
Chi also notes the following features her dentist uses:
* including recycled sheetrock and denim for acoustical insulation.
* using panels made from recycled plastic.
* using furniture from with eco-resins, bamboo and reclaimed vinyl.
* including Forest Stewardship Council certified wood for cabinet laminates that have no PVC or formaldehyde content and are chlorine-free.
* installing Resilient PVC- and chlorine-free flooring.
* installing Natural cooling HVAC system with zone controls provides independent temperature zones to maximize comfort and energy efficiency.
* using fully equipped with energy conserving appliances.

January 30, 2010

Technology News out of Boulder

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I just returned from the auto repair shop for my shocks, after almost getting into a DUI or DWI on my way back from Dallas…..but now back to writing: In energy technology news out of Boulder, in a continution of our previous article, LoPorto also said that the advantage of the technology is that the tracking is done over the existing grid system, substantially reducing the cost of implementation. LoPorto declined to disclose how many employees the company has, but said he expects to hire 30 people in the soon. He said most of them will be engineers, specifically those having expertise in embedded systems and digital signal processing, high voltage and transactional databases. As an aside if you need a tip top lawyers marketing Services I then can certainly suggest this quality resource. Web Shark 360 is also very good.

They are one of the top such DUI and DWI and have been doing the criminal defense lawyers thing in Dallas for quite some time in Dallas as well.. meanwhile back to the main story at hand: LoPorto has said that when he launched his company nearly three years ago he chose Boulder County for the access to workers with such expertise.

Tony Kindelspire writes. Power Tagging’s technology also has the Vehicle Identification Nodules it has developed for electric vehicles. The VIN is similar to the Subscriber Identity Modules — or SIM cards — in cell phones. Electric vehicles equipped with Power Tagging’s VIN cards will be able to charge their cars on any source of electricity, with the nodules ensuring that it’s only that user who is charged. The idea works much the same way as cell towers, LoPorto said. No matter which company’s tower a cell phone user is using, it’s only their bill that gets charged. “At the end of the day, all those carriers reconcile among themselves,” LoPorto said.

LoPorto said that the clearinghouse for sorting out all of the VIN data will be in Colorado. He said that’s expected to lead to hundreds of jobs in the coming years

August 8, 2009

New Technology Improves Dogs Memory

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A new Purina One dog food that will be available in July is claiming to help older dog’s memories with the new Purina One Vibrant Maturity 7+ Senior formula dog food. According to the studies the Purina Company has done, there approximately half of the dogs in the United States that are over the age of six. This is when dogs begin to decline in learning and memory according to researchers. The numbers of one survey of senior dog owners showed that there dogs were less active and slept more, and 40 percent stated that their dogs had problems getting around. The dogs forgot where their water bowls were and how to go outside, creating more accidents in the home. While this may in fact be a good one, I tend to prefer the premium dog food such as that from Life’s Abundance. I have found that to be a really good brand overall. Purina has been working on a nutritional solution of dog food for the aging population of dogs in the United States, which will promote health and help memory in older dogs by improving brain function. The food includes botanical oils, that in a series of test showed that older dogs eating the food were able to remember where toys were hidden and also learn new behaviors.

July 3, 2009

Driver Texting Prior To Fatal Accident

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In Philadelphia area related news, The driver of a PT Cruiser identified as Meghan L. Obendorfe, age 18, according to the Chester County First Assistant District Lawyer Patrick Carmody was driving over the speed limit and texting at approximately 4:30 a.m. on a rain slick Creek Road in East Brandywine Township when the accident occurred.
Obendorfer, according to the prosecutor was on her way to make a marijuana sale to an underage minor and had passenger Nicolette Pomon age 17 I the vehicle that was 9 months pregnant who suffered serious personal injury.
Pomon and her unborn baby were killed in the accident when Obendorfer struck a school bus that was not carrying any passengers driven by Steven Dilworth. Obendorfer also suffered personal injury; she was treated at the scene and transported to a local hospital for treatment. If you require superb Philadelphia personal injury lawyer allow me to suggest mark Rosenberg as he is simply one of the best Philadelphia personal injury lawyer working right now.
Obendorfer is free on $25,000 bail and is scheduled for a hearing for the charges of homicide by vehicle, reckless driving, and marijuana possession.

June 26, 2009

The ever Changing landscape of the Web

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I have been involved, in some form or another, on the information superhighway since basically it’s origins into the mainstream around 1993 or so, when the first real browser came out that allowed you to navigate the web in the way it is navigated currently. Of course, the net was actually launched in the 1960’s as a strictly military network. Al Gore said he invented it, who knows. Anyway, I launched my initial site about three years later or so, and things were so much different it is not even funny. After all, at that point in time the larger search engines on the ‘Information Superhighway’ as it was mostly termed then were Altavista, excite, Juggernaut search engine and alltheweb. In addition to those, there was one big one that no longer exists named ‘WWW Worm’ or something like that. Yahoo was a just a directory and email/news site and did not evens earh the web yet (although you could search it’s rather limited directory of hand-selected sites). At that particular point in time, your meta tags were generally enouph to get your website to the top because there were so few websites out there. man o; man have things really changed and moved on since that time. Broadly speaking, there were a ton of massive portal type sites which no longer exist (in their original form, at least). They had been funded by rampant speculation, because back then if you had a dot com domain and any reasonable idea you could get funding, someimes lots of it. I mean, you could get millions of dollars to develop a site, and a lot of those sites never made a penny. For every Amazon.com there were hundreds of sites that went completely belly-up.
Therefore, we are now looking at a quite different internet than even nine years ago. naturally, certain sites like yahoo have managed to remain and even grow, yet so many wesites which were hyped to the stars are simply done for. They vanished into the ether. From the dust they came and from the dust they went back. A specific factor in this odd ‘rebirth’ of the web was the improvement of encryption techniques for improved security. In the 90’s the perception was that it was fairly risky to actually run use your credit card in an online terminal. With improved encryption and security, most individuals are now very comfortable with this particular process, even certified technology phobic people. From what I understand though, even at that time many of the related to such a transaction were not a lot different from using your credit card in more “everyday” situations. having said that, though, it could have been somewhat of a good thing that individuals did not use their plastic so much. Right now it seems that a lot of folks require credit counseling because of their rather compulsive spending habits. This is a ‘just charge it’ and ‘shop untill you drop’ society, after all. As a whole, good debt management, Debt Relief and obviously credit counseling are of major importance globally at this point in time. I would also say that Debt consolidation is a very important service as well.

March 10, 2009

Going to San Diego and the latest news:

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Although I am about to go to San Diego to see a lawyer and then on to the beautiful island of Kauai, yes the garden island in Hawaii, to check on some cool kauai vacation rentals and I wanted to write before I do. Did I mention that I love Kauai vacation rentals? Anthony Doesburg, a superb author who writes for the esteemed NZ Herald newspaper,
recently wrote an article where he pointed out how many web designers take their cue from the
‘Big Three’ software firms. These ‘Big 3’ in question happen to be Cuppertino office based Apple, maker of the iphone and ipod of course, Seattle office Based Microsoft, the big G, whose office building (and it is a huge office building, well more like a complex actually) is based in Mountain View, California
and Adobe, which you could possibly describe as their little brother, since it is not a household name like they are but produces so much art and other types of stuff as well. Speaking of that, my last Kauai vacation rentals had some great art in them overall and the one in San Diego as well. As you probably already know, Adobe powers web mainstay plus art programs like photoshop, etc.. For their part, they are a Golden State based firm which essentially has the market cornered with regards to providing a comprehensive toolkit. Their Creative Suite, release 4 of which came out toward the end of 2008 is known simply as CS4, and features everything  you require to produce an elaborate website or even video. No injury no foul I suppose.

As Anthony correctly pointed out in his column, Adobe commands market dominance in this niche via pure weight of numbers.  All in all, he says, it claims over three fourths of online videos are viewed using their popular free Flash Player. As an aside if you find that you need a wonderful Los Angeles divorce attorney who also covers San Diego then may I suggest this firm as they handle both domestic violence attorney cases and car accident related cases in LA as well as San Diego and beyond. They are one the best outfits in this category that you will find anywhere for office art and paintings for buildings and so on. Also, if you need a San Diego Car Accident Attorney specifically I can recommend this one: Bond & Taylor
overall who has a plethera of experience with automobile, SUV and other vehicle crash legal cases. Speaking of SD I also like this San Diego divorce lawyer as well.
Now back to the article…. is less favoured by Terabyte’s website. “He makes a very good point”
In the universe of of print art design, there is simply no question of Adobe’s supremacy, according to Sean McGarry, an office director of Wellington creative agency Base 2. Around sixty percent or so of their twelve-year-old firm’s work is print, although that is gradually but continually moving towards the internet, just like seemingly everything else, from retail stores to the yellow Pages. They will need an attorney for this whole category eventually. Wel, I guess it is off to San Diego and then to the Kauai vacation rentals as well.

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