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September 17, 2009

iPhone and Apple related News

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According to a report in the cutting edge news source ‘MacRumors’, there are some strong indications that the technology giant known as the Apple Corporation may be considering enhancing the in-store iPhone sales and activation¬† business at their retail outlets. I am not sure if they will be offering international VOIP or a long distance plan too. All in all, I really like the said international VOIP. Overall, the changes, which may even be unveiled in the next few days or so, could include various layout modifications to existing shops plus make some “iPhone Activation Zones” where clients may pick up and activate their particular iPhones following the standard pre-authorization process on the internet. By the way this is a great resource if you are looking for internet Phone repair (water damage and other repair issues) as well as iPhone parts and 3g screens.
I like the softphone and internet phone, you can do free international calls from mobile or cell phone with no prepaid calling cards.
The activation zones will reportedly be staffed by a new category of retail store employee called “iPhone Experts”, who will be denoted by unique name badges and t-shirts. I am also a big fan of international voip. With the move, the California based company is definately attempting to make the iPhone buying situation much easier for their clients while at the same time providing a full time iPhone point of contact for the highly competitive retail store environment, and especially for the newer clients whose initial experience with the company’s products may in fact be the iPhone.

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