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June 21, 2010

What Does a Paralegal Program Online Offer?

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I just returned to San Francisco after going to San Jose to see the lawyers over there, glad to be back because I really love San Francisco and Fredericksburg on the whole. You may be aware that you can enroll in a paralegal program on the internet, but maybe you’re a little worried that you won’t get the same intense training that you would if you attended school. If you choose a reputable course that has been around for decades, you will get exceptional training that thoroughly prepares you for a career in an exciting field, whether it be working for a San Francisco criminal defense attorney over in the city by the bay or perhaps a DUI or DWI attorney in Kansas City or what have you.

What can you expect from a paralegal program that allows you to train online? Everything you need to successfully complete your studies and be ready to sit for the CLA (Certified Legal Assistant) exam. Textbooks, study guides, an online student center, support and other resources are available to you 24/7, any time you need it day or night.

This is another aspect that makes an online paralegal program so popular – you are on no schedule! If you lead a very busy life jam-packed with work, kids, and other obligations, you can study and take exams any time you like, whether it’s 1 a.m. or Saturday afternoon. Since you have up to 24 months to complete your studies, you aren’t rushed to try to fit your education in to a small, limited time frame.

If you do want to fast track your training, you can complete the paralegal program in as little as 8 months! This means that just short time from now, you could be working in one of the most exciting career industries today – the legal field. Whether you want to work in a bank, a private law firm, for the IRS or insurance companies, you will have the skills and knowledge that are in demand today. My friend runs a DUI lawyer legal firm which reminds me of he importance of training, especially for DWI and also DUI type work, whether in Fredericksburg or anywhere else. Job
security is a huge concern for many people, and this is one industry where you will
never have to worry about having work!

Many people simply cannot attend school for various reasons. If you are interested in working for a team of West Palm Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer Mr. Foley, ESQ firm, this is a great one overall.
or DUI, seepding ticket or traffic lawyers over in Kansas City or wherever then this will help. but need to work toward your goal on your own time schedule, now you can. Tuition is affordable, the course is accredited, and you can study and take exams when it is best for you! Imagine preparing for a rewarding career right from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere you have access to a computer and the
internet – now you can. Enroll online now, and get started today!

February 25, 2009

Unlicenced Teen Driver Involved in New York accident

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In New York injury and auto accident related news coming out of Brooklyn (although I just got back from Houston), two
brothers were seriously injured in an accident while walking down a Brooklyn, New York sidewalk when an unlicensed teenager driver apparently lost control of his auto and struck both of the boys in question in this very unfortunate incident.  The driver, meanwhile, who was identified by police as 18 year old Samuel C. Branch, was subsequently arrested and charged with driving a vehicle without a license and leaving the scene of an accident. He could use a couple of good attorneys I would say.
According to police, the driver fled the scene after his car struck a tree, jumped the curb and then struck the two brothers.  He was later apprehended while seeking treatment at a local hospital.  Five year old Dillan Jackson sustained a broken leg and broken pelvis in the tragic accident while his brother Dwayne
sustained a badly dislocated shoulder in the accident. By the way if you are in need of high end quality Houston accident attorneys then I would highly recommend to you the Law Offices of & Joel Gordon as they are simply a top Houston accident attorneys and also do motorcycle cases in addition to auto. All in all, the two victims in this case and were subsequently hospitalized. According to the boys grandmother, they were doing well following treatment but you could certainly see them retaining the services of some good auto attorneys soon.

San Francisco Man Struck and Killed by Driver While Walking Along I-280

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In San Francisco personal injury headlines, a 24 year San Francisco man named was killed instantly after being struck by 24 year old San Francisco resident Janet Nguyen while walking in the far right lane of Interstate I-280 in the city’s Oceanview neighborhood. According to officials, the California Highway Patrol and medical emergency crews responded to the accident scene at approximately 1:30 a.m. near the San Jose Avenue offramp. The driver had reportedly changed lanes while traveling at approximately 65-70 mph and struck the victim while he was walking in the far right lane of I-280. As a result of the impact, the victim was thrown through the vehicle’s windshield, striking both Ms. Nguyen and her passenger. Neither the driver nor her passenger suffered personal injury in the accident and they were subsequently transported to San Francisco General Hospital where Ms. Nguyen was found to be under the influence of alcohol. While The CHP determined that Ms. Nguyen was not at fault in the accident for striking the victim, she did suffer other unfortunate consequences after being arrested for misdemeanor DUI. Someone needs an attorney it would seem. According to CHP investigators, it was unknown as to why the victim was walking along the highway late at night as there were no abandoned or disabled vehicles found nearby.  By the way if you need a San Francisco personal injury attorney then I suggest Steve Brady. He is one of the best San Francisco personal injury attorney that you can find. However, no further information was available as to whether the victim may also have been under the influence himself. As for Ms. Nguyen, hopefully she now better understands the dangers (and unforseen consequences of) drinking and driving!

January 20, 2009

Chicago Personal Injury related News

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2 well established hospitals in the Chicago area have concured to settle their particular case out of court in a lawsuit stating that these organizations overcharged nearly five hundred thousand uninsured patients. The lawsuit also makes the claim that these same hospitals failed to provide any reasonable financial help. All in all, the settlement in question involves both hospitals agreeing to look at their particular accounting records and offer refunds to patients who are entitled to either discounted or free care. Incidentially if you are in the Chicago area broadly speaking and need a first rate Chicago Personal Injury Attorney then I would recommend the experienced John Buden, who has been handling these types of personal injury related cases for quite a while now and has a great reputation for competence as well as effeciency. Alright now back to the article at hand:


1 of the organizations has 8 Catholic hospitals in Chicago and has likewise been involved in a union-organizing dispute for at least the past 5 years.


When asked why it was decided to settle before going to trial, representatives claimed the ensuing legal costs would be too detrimental. The vice president of legal affairs has claimed, however they have a new discount offer to those who qualify. That will certainly be welcome news for some.


Both of these particular organizations have sent a total of 400,000 letters out to former patients notifying them of the settlement and their right to ask for aid in paying outstanding bills. John Budin, a respected lawsuit and Chicago personal injury attorney declined to comment on this case.

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