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July 28, 2011

San Jose News:Auto Camera Traffic Technology a Failure?

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I just returned to San Jose, back in writing mode…According to the Associated Press, red-light camera program in Los Angeles will officially end July 31. The City Council and the city Police Commission voted to terminate the surveillance program because most of the motorists refused to pay their traffic tickets. The program has issued about 180,000 tickets since 2004, however, there is no significant consequences for not paying the auto fine. If the motorists simply ignore their tickets, no one can force them to pay because of the way the current traffic laws are written. Here in San Jose this is a big issue.

Authorities say that the photo enforcement program fines are voluntary and it is impossible to collect them without changing the law. The problem was that the camera tickets were issued to the owner of the car, not necessarily to the person that was driving it. That’s why the Superior Court wasn’t willing to strictly enforce red-light camera fine collections. The person who received the ticket may not be the driver who committed the traffic violation. My friend who runs a San Jose Auto Service has told me that his customers over at the said auto service center have confirmed this to him.
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Some motorists paid their fines because they didn’t know it was optional. Ironically, the authorities fined everyone who showed up in court and excused those who ignored the auto ticket. The collection agencies may try to collect the fines, however, the credit reports or the insurance premiums won’t be affected. If the owner of the vehicle makes a mistake of showing up in court, he will face the same penalties as a recipient of a traffic ticket personally issued by a police officer. Some service, hugh, imagine having your auto stolen and then getting a ticket from the thief.

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