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September 25, 2009

Upgrading The Avatar

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Well I just returned from the city of Orange County back to Riverside in the great state of California (to see my attorney over there)and I have really been in technology geek mode for a while now and figured it was time for some sort of change. Specifically, I have been doing a little bit of contemplating (sounds like a line out of Pulp Fiction or something you know) and I am possibly considering improving my avatar a bit with with some jewelry additions. By the way if you are in Los Angeles, Orange County, Long Beach, Riverside and you need a wonderful injury attorney then I endorse this firm which also does car accident related cases overall in addition to the other stuff.

However I definately do not want to go over the top here, no sir. I will almost certainly avoid the over the top bling bling and also copper jewelry because it is simply too flashy and just not my style. BTW if you can afford this type of stuff because of your credit score then you may want to consider some type of jewelry such flashy. This stuff is big in Los Angeles and Long Beach like the attorney in ‘Carlito’s Way’ Speaking of that I can endorse this Orange County personal injury lawyer for your personal injury and car accident related needs overal:
He also handles Long Beach and los Angeles auto accident cases.. Personally, though, my favorites are the techno master watches as well as the timeless gold chains in general. if you happen to be in pennsylvania need need your rating score overall.

For the most part, I believe these item types will not really work for me in the long run because I might feel uncomfortable wearing them. It seems to me that the information superhighway has some cool stuff yet again i think I will look for something more my style.

Perhaps simply a gold bracelet or something along those lines. I will let you know when I make a choice you know. I am new to this type of deal so I will go in this case since it is my avatar I am talking about. Speaking of that, I may even go off of the beaten path a bit and choose some kind of contemporary or unique jewelry like maybe artisan or perhaps even some kind of leather jewelry.
Not to change the subject but if you are in Riverside, Los Angeles or Long Beach and need legal help I endorse this particular Riverside injury lawyer and Orange County accident attorney click here for a wrongful death esquire.
who is quite good indeed as a Bellevue accident lawyer as well.

Perhaps I will go with some copper or even bling bling jewelry from a good jewelry designer for techno master watches, for example. It is a just thought for now, you know.
I will be thinking about this over the course of the next several weeks or so. Time will tell I suppose.

March 4, 2009

NY Couples and Daycare Center Owners Arrested on Grand Larceny and other Charges

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In Brooklyn, New York related legal and criminal news, taxpayers are no doubt relieved to hear that Brooklyn District Attorney Charles J. Hynes has announced that indictments and criminal charges have been filed against some eleven people accused of stealing from the New York state, including three Brooklyn couples and five daycare-center owners.  Following an investigation, officials discovered that one couple had allegedly stolen Medicaid benefits totaling $29,406 over a six year period while they owned two daycare centers, numerous vehicles and seven properties! looks like someone needs some credit counseling or perhaps debt consolidation assistance.  The couple allegedly falsified this information when submitting Medicaid applications, reportedly claiming that they were merely employees of the Daycare centers making a paltry $200 per week. I also have a feeling that someone could get sued, and that there could be a Lawsuit issue of some sort or the other involved. As an aside if you need credit counseling debt relief, debt help or management then allow me to sugges this resource, they are indeed one of the very best for credit counseling and also debt consolidation.

Additional defendants were charged with grand larceny, fraud, concealing income and property, and submitting false invoices to the state and are facing hefty jail sentences.  Clearly, for these Brooklyn couples accused of engaging in various criminal activities, greed does not pay (this sounds more like looting and plundering to me actually).  As Charles Hynes stated at a recent press conference:  The message we sent was very clear as it’s not a matter of whether you get caught, it is when you get caught. You can also open yourself up to various litigation issues and cause an Lawsuit cash advance

February 16, 2009

More news on the infamous Roman Polanski case

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After all of the years, Roman Polanski’s defense attorneys keep on working to get the Poland born film director’s thirty-one-year-old rape case thrown out. Not only that, but they had some success earlier in the week when a court forced a delay of a Los Angeles Superior Court hearing on the matter.
All in all, the California 2nd District Court of Appeal called on the county district attorney’s office to file its intent regarding the case soon.
The director’s attorney team have persistently stated that the nation’s six hundred odd judges should be disqualified from hearing this particular case and that a neutral judge from outside the United States should be appointed instead.
Essentially, they are trying to argue that there is not even one unbiased judge in all of Los Angeles. Polanski was accused of rape of an underage girl at a party hosted in Jack Nicholson’s Los Angeles residence.
He has directed a number of films including ‘Chinatown’ (starring the aforementioned Nicholson), which was a period detective piece featuring a powerful performance by Nicholson, ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ starring Mia Farrow in a film about a plot by a satanic cult trying to steal her baby,
‘Frantic’ (starring Harrison Ford) which is a film about a man’s wife being kidnapped while he is on vacation, and ‘The Ninth Gate’ which was a “Satanic Thriller” starring Johnny Depp and Frank Langella.
By the way if you are in need of an outstanding Los Angeles criminal defense attorney then may I suggest Ramiro Luis. As was reported on a recent edition of ‘The Daily breeze’:
“Anyone who has seen the grand jury testimony of the then thirteen-year-old victim should have no question concerning the (seriousness) of (his) actions. The fact is, he raped and sodomized the girl – after ignoring her pleas and after giving her alcohol and pills.
Is there any real defence of that kind of behaviour? The criminal justice system
at the time seemed more than fair to him. Polanski fled the country to escape incarceration and managed to plea-bargain all his criminal wrongdoing down to a single charge. he must have a pretty good defense team.

January 18, 2009

Hiking in Hawaii and Kauai: Some Basics

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As many of you are already aware, Hawaii has some of the best hiking trails in the entire world. Whether it is the 12 mile long unspoiled Na Pa Li coastline trail ,the scenic Kuhilau trail on Kauai or the rainforest or volcanoe trails on the big island, Mauai and Oahu, Hawaii has it all in that particular area. I mean we are talking about some of Earth’s top real estate here. To assist in making certain you have the top hiking experience possible. Before you go out, though, hop in your Nissan or whatever car you rented and get yourself some decent hiking shoes or boots from a local shops and put them on prior to going for hiking. You may hire a tour guide to take you around or you can rent a Nissan or other vehicle and explore Hawaii on your own.   The peak hours at the day, in Hawaii, require special caution to protect you from the sun. You can either put on a hat or carry an umbrella for that. Putting on a light colored jacket will protect you against the harmful sun rays, throughout Hawaii, as well as keeping your body temperature normal.  Timing is also a very important factor in managing your time in Hawaii. You should start you hiking activity in the morning when the sun just rises so that you have enough time to explore the beauty beside the track and come back in time. And talk about almost surreal beauty. There is no place else on mother Earth like it, believe me. It is simply some of the finest real estate that you can imagine. Speaking of real estate, if you are visiting and would like to look at some top Kauai real estate properties then take a look at Sleeping Giant realty as they have been serving Kauai for some time.  You need to carry a torch light to lead you at night. While on the trail, if you encounter any emergency like injury, bad weather or it gets too late at night and you get stuck on the trail, just call emergency 911 as is standard elsewhere. This is the service which has been made available in America as well as Hawaii for helping people in emergency. They will ask about your position you happen to be inand track you to reach there as quickly as possible. Your colored dressing, whistle and flashlight will help the rescue workers to reach you. If the place, the person is in trouble is inaccessible by foot, helicopters will come to free him.   Regardless of whether or not you are hiking on kauai, Lanai or Oahu, you are sure to have a terrific time. I have lived on the beatiful garden island of kauai for some time and I know it to be among the worlds finest locales.

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