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January 21, 2009

Nissan on alert as Indian computer supplier staggers

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I just got back to hawaii and was eager to begin writing again: In automotive industry news, the India-based firm which contracts technical support for Nissan North America is in chaos following allegations of wide accounting fraud.
For it’s part, Nissan states that this problem has has not as of yet affected their particular business.
All in all, Satyam admitted that their specific financial data has been misstated for many years in what some authorities are calling a $1 billion fraud, kind of like
the Indian version of the Arthur-Anderson Enron case several years ago. You can go here for a Hawaii Nissan dealer regardless of where in Hawaii you are located: Kauai, Oahu, Mauai, lanai or the big island of Hawaii.
A spokesperson for the Nissan Motor Co. stated that this particular scandal has not yet affected the United States operations. She read from a statement saying:
It appears from the evidence that Nissan signed a 5-year contract with the firm about 2 years and a half years ago to manage Nissan’s most crucial business applications in America.
While the various misstatement of financial results does not affect their business right away, Satyam itself has been thrown into a state of utter confusion for the time being.
Some of their executives have been arrested and detained, while the Indian national government has stepped in and taken decisive action to appoint brand new board members.
In addition, these specific government appointees attempted to halt rampant market speculation about the future of the firm, according to the media reports.
The timing could not be worse. All this comes at a point in time when the Fiat Automotive giant of Italy could complicate a separate partnership Chrysler had painstakingly arranged last year with the Nissan Motor Co.
As I mentioned at the top of the story, I live in Hawaii and have noticed that Nissan sales have been a bit flat lately. But it is still a very popular brand here in Hawaii.

January 20, 2009

Chicago Personal Injury related News

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2 well established hospitals in the Chicago area have concured to settle their particular case out of court in a lawsuit stating that these organizations overcharged nearly five hundred thousand uninsured patients. The lawsuit also makes the claim that these same hospitals failed to provide any reasonable financial help. All in all, the settlement in question involves both hospitals agreeing to look at their particular accounting records and offer refunds to patients who are entitled to either discounted or free care. Incidentially if you are in the Chicago area broadly speaking and need a first rate Chicago Personal Injury Attorney then I would recommend the experienced John Buden, who has been handling these types of personal injury related cases for quite a while now and has a great reputation for competence as well as effeciency. Alright now back to the article at hand:


1 of the organizations has 8 Catholic hospitals in Chicago and has likewise been involved in a union-organizing dispute for at least the past 5 years.


When asked why it was decided to settle before going to trial, representatives claimed the ensuing legal costs would be too detrimental. The vice president of legal affairs has claimed, however they have a new discount offer to those who qualify. That will certainly be welcome news for some.


Both of these particular organizations have sent a total of 400,000 letters out to former patients notifying them of the settlement and their right to ask for aid in paying outstanding bills. John Budin, a respected lawsuit and Chicago personal injury attorney declined to comment on this case.

January 18, 2009

Hiking in Hawaii and Kauai: Some Basics

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As many of you are already aware, Hawaii has some of the best hiking trails in the entire world. Whether it is the 12 mile long unspoiled Na Pa Li coastline trail ,the scenic Kuhilau trail on Kauai or the rainforest or volcanoe trails on the big island, Mauai and Oahu, Hawaii has it all in that particular area. I mean we are talking about some of Earth’s top real estate here. To assist in making certain you have the top hiking experience possible. Before you go out, though, hop in your Nissan or whatever car you rented and get yourself some decent hiking shoes or boots from a local shops and put them on prior to going for hiking. You may hire a tour guide to take you around or you can rent a Nissan or other vehicle and explore Hawaii on your own.   The peak hours at the day, in Hawaii, require special caution to protect you from the sun. You can either put on a hat or carry an umbrella for that. Putting on a light colored jacket will protect you against the harmful sun rays, throughout Hawaii, as well as keeping your body temperature normal.  Timing is also a very important factor in managing your time in Hawaii. You should start you hiking activity in the morning when the sun just rises so that you have enough time to explore the beauty beside the track and come back in time. And talk about almost surreal beauty. There is no place else on mother Earth like it, believe me. It is simply some of the finest real estate that you can imagine. Speaking of real estate, if you are visiting and would like to look at some top Kauai real estate properties then take a look at Sleeping Giant realty as they have been serving Kauai for some time.  You need to carry a torch light to lead you at night. While on the trail, if you encounter any emergency like injury, bad weather or it gets too late at night and you get stuck on the trail, just call emergency 911 as is standard elsewhere. This is the service which has been made available in America as well as Hawaii for helping people in emergency. They will ask about your position you happen to be inand track you to reach there as quickly as possible. Your colored dressing, whistle and flashlight will help the rescue workers to reach you. If the place, the person is in trouble is inaccessible by foot, helicopters will come to free him.   Regardless of whether or not you are hiking on kauai, Lanai or Oahu, you are sure to have a terrific time. I have lived on the beatiful garden island of kauai for some time and I know it to be among the worlds finest locales.

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