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February 25, 2009

Unlicenced Teen Driver Involved in New York accident

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In New York injury and auto accident related news coming out of Brooklyn (although I just got back from Houston), two
brothers were seriously injured in an accident while walking down a Brooklyn, New York sidewalk when an unlicensed teenager driver apparently lost control of his auto and struck both of the boys in question in this very unfortunate incident.  The driver, meanwhile, who was identified by police as 18 year old Samuel C. Branch, was subsequently arrested and charged with driving a vehicle without a license and leaving the scene of an accident. He could use a couple of good attorneys I would say.
According to police, the driver fled the scene after his car struck a tree, jumped the curb and then struck the two brothers.  He was later apprehended while seeking treatment at a local hospital.  Five year old Dillan Jackson sustained a broken leg and broken pelvis in the tragic accident while his brother Dwayne
sustained a badly dislocated shoulder in the accident. By the way if you are in need of high end quality Houston accident attorneys then I would highly recommend to you the Law Offices of & Joel Gordon as they are simply a top Houston accident attorneys and also do motorcycle cases in addition to auto. All in all, the two victims in this case and were subsequently hospitalized. According to the boys grandmother, they were doing well following treatment but you could certainly see them retaining the services of some good auto attorneys soon.

San Francisco Man Struck and Killed by Driver While Walking Along I-280

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In San Francisco personal injury headlines, a 24 year San Francisco man named was killed instantly after being struck by 24 year old San Francisco resident Janet Nguyen while walking in the far right lane of Interstate I-280 in the city’s Oceanview neighborhood. According to officials, the California Highway Patrol and medical emergency crews responded to the accident scene at approximately 1:30 a.m. near the San Jose Avenue offramp. The driver had reportedly changed lanes while traveling at approximately 65-70 mph and struck the victim while he was walking in the far right lane of I-280. As a result of the impact, the victim was thrown through the vehicle’s windshield, striking both Ms. Nguyen and her passenger. Neither the driver nor her passenger suffered personal injury in the accident and they were subsequently transported to San Francisco General Hospital where Ms. Nguyen was found to be under the influence of alcohol. While The CHP determined that Ms. Nguyen was not at fault in the accident for striking the victim, she did suffer other unfortunate consequences after being arrested for misdemeanor DUI. Someone needs an attorney it would seem. According to CHP investigators, it was unknown as to why the victim was walking along the highway late at night as there were no abandoned or disabled vehicles found nearby.  By the way if you need a San Francisco personal injury attorney then I suggest Steve Brady. He is one of the best San Francisco personal injury attorney that you can find. However, no further information was available as to whether the victim may also have been under the influence himself. As for Ms. Nguyen, hopefully she now better understands the dangers (and unforseen consequences of) drinking and driving!

February 16, 2009

More news on the infamous Roman Polanski case

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After all of the years, Roman Polanski’s defense attorneys keep on working to get the Poland born film director’s thirty-one-year-old rape case thrown out. Not only that, but they had some success earlier in the week when a court forced a delay of a Los Angeles Superior Court hearing on the matter.
All in all, the California 2nd District Court of Appeal called on the county district attorney’s office to file its intent regarding the case soon.
The director’s attorney team have persistently stated that the nation’s six hundred odd judges should be disqualified from hearing this particular case and that a neutral judge from outside the United States should be appointed instead.
Essentially, they are trying to argue that there is not even one unbiased judge in all of Los Angeles. Polanski was accused of rape of an underage girl at a party hosted in Jack Nicholson’s Los Angeles residence.
He has directed a number of films including ‘Chinatown’ (starring the aforementioned Nicholson), which was a period detective piece featuring a powerful performance by Nicholson, ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ starring Mia Farrow in a film about a plot by a satanic cult trying to steal her baby,
‘Frantic’ (starring Harrison Ford) which is a film about a man’s wife being kidnapped while he is on vacation, and ‘The Ninth Gate’ which was a “Satanic Thriller” starring Johnny Depp and Frank Langella.
By the way if you are in need of an outstanding Los Angeles criminal defense attorney then may I suggest Ramiro Luis. As was reported on a recent edition of ‘The Daily breeze’:
“Anyone who has seen the grand jury testimony of the then thirteen-year-old victim should have no question concerning the (seriousness) of (his) actions. The fact is, he raped and sodomized the girl – after ignoring her pleas and after giving her alcohol and pills.
Is there any real defence of that kind of behaviour? The criminal justice system
at the time seemed more than fair to him. Polanski fled the country to escape incarceration and managed to plea-bargain all his criminal wrongdoing down to a single charge. he must have a pretty good defense team.

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