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March 13, 2009

Good News For Budding/Struggling Artists

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Attention all struggling and budding artists ! You can now have a permanent exhibition open to the whole world, for free. Imagine having a gallery of your own with a potential to visited by whole world. A place where you can share yourself with the whole world and also sell your creations. And what better way than to use the most effective and advanced communication system, the Internet.

And the best way to use the system to your advantage is to make a website, where you can display, share and sell any product or a piece of art. Being a struggling artist myself, i know how difficult and expensive it can be to make website. where one can display of one’s works. But things are looking up ! It is now possible to make your own website for free.  And you do not need to be a website design expert to do this, either.
So, lets reach out to the world and make websites.

March 10, 2009

Going to San Diego and the latest news:

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Although I am about to go to San Diego to see a lawyer and then on to the beautiful island of Kauai, yes the garden island in Hawaii, to check on some cool kauai vacation rentals and I wanted to write before I do. Did I mention that I love Kauai vacation rentals? Anthony Doesburg, a superb author who writes for the esteemed NZ Herald newspaper,
recently wrote an article where he pointed out how many web designers take their cue from the
‘Big Three’ software firms. These ‘Big 3’ in question happen to be Cuppertino office based Apple, maker of the iphone and ipod of course, Seattle office Based Microsoft, the big G, whose office building (and it is a huge office building, well more like a complex actually) is based in Mountain View, California
and Adobe, which you could possibly describe as their little brother, since it is not a household name like they are but produces so much art and other types of stuff as well. Speaking of that, my last Kauai vacation rentals had some great art in them overall and the one in San Diego as well. As you probably already know, Adobe powers web mainstay plus art programs like photoshop, etc.. For their part, they are a Golden State based firm which essentially has the market cornered with regards to providing a comprehensive toolkit. Their Creative Suite, release 4 of which came out toward the end of 2008 is known simply as CS4, and features everything  you require to produce an elaborate website or even video. No injury no foul I suppose.

As Anthony correctly pointed out in his column, Adobe commands market dominance in this niche via pure weight of numbers.  All in all, he says, it claims over three fourths of online videos are viewed using their popular free Flash Player. As an aside if you find that you need a wonderful Los Angeles divorce attorney who also covers San Diego then may I suggest this firm as they handle both domestic violence attorney cases and car accident related cases in LA as well as San Diego and beyond. They are one the best outfits in this category that you will find anywhere for office art and paintings for buildings and so on. Also, if you need a San Diego Car Accident Attorney specifically I can recommend this one: Bond & Taylor
overall who has a plethera of experience with automobile, SUV and other vehicle crash legal cases. Speaking of SD I also like this San Diego divorce lawyer as well.
Now back to the article…. is less favoured by Terabyte’s website. “He makes a very good point”
In the universe of of print art design, there is simply no question of Adobe’s supremacy, according to Sean McGarry, an office director of Wellington creative agency Base 2. Around sixty percent or so of their twelve-year-old firm’s work is print, although that is gradually but continually moving towards the internet, just like seemingly everything else, from retail stores to the yellow Pages. They will need an attorney for this whole category eventually. Wel, I guess it is off to San Diego and then to the Kauai vacation rentals as well.

March 9, 2009

Skyward Mobile Files Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

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Most of the Technology Business news I have been writing about and posting lately has been bad news, but I guess that is just an indication of the economic times we are living in right now, unfortunately. Hopefully things will take a turn for the better soon but for now, more bad news:

Skyward Mobile, a Wakefield, Massachusetts startup company founded by CEO Jeremy De Bonet, has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection in Boston. According to media reports, Bonet, the former chief of technology officer for MobiTV, had previously been sued by them for allegedly taking trade secrets with him when he left the company in 2006. Skyward Mobile built application software applications for cell phones.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings usually require the liquidation of assets by businesses filing chapter 7. Skyward Mobile Inc. listed assets of $6,593 and liabilities of $3.6 million. Included in the bankruptcy claim were unpaid salaries for their top executives. According to the filing, De Bonet was owed $583,000. The company Vice President of Engineering, Misha Bolotski, was also owed $337,000. Misha Bolotski was a former executive for Microdisplay Corp, a California company that closed its doors also in 2007.

Another principle of the company was Chief Technology Officer Michael Wessler, a former Sun Microsystems employee. Wessler was owed $510,000. He had also formerly been a personal computer advisor for Al Gore when he was the Vice President under the Clinton administration.

Reportedly, listed in the Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing was an obligation to MobiTV for a “settlement claim” for $400,000. Other significant obligations were also listed in the filing. More related stories can be found over at the Washington Bankruptcy Lawyer Blog.

Jesse Redlener, an attorney in Andover, Massachusetts, is the lawyer handling the bankruptcy proceedings for Skyward Mobile.

March 6, 2009

Sirius XM Radio Saved From Bankruptcy

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Sirius XM Radio was saved from bankruptcy by Liberty Media Corp owner, John Malone. I had a good church fundraiser last night, it went pretty well overall. A loan of $530 million was given to Sirius SM Radio in an effort to block a bid for control of the company by a shared mutual rival, Charlie Ergen, CEO of Dish Network Corp. There was a possibility that Charlie Ergen was planning on eliminating Howard Stern from XM radio programming and replacing him with video.

Sirius was set to file bankruptcy if debt negations with creditors did not go well. So you could start taking down the office art and building painting if that began happening. The popular XM Radio has 20 million subscribers. I am sure they had to downsize their office art and specifically, their large office art gallery, if they had one. When I was at that Christian Church Fundraiser event recently they had some cool pieces there. I can also endorse this Christian Inspirational Speaker named Penny McCoy for your specific event needs, should you be in need of a truly wonderful and awesome Christian Inspirational Speaker. Then again, I suppose most good church fundraisers do need a top rated Christian Inspirational Speaker so there you go.. Malone agreed to loan Sirius XM radio millions of dollars in exchange for 40% of the company. The Washington Post reported, “The last-minute deal with Liberty will help Sirius pay off some of its heavy debt burden while also retaining their management control.” Sirius XM radio will be able to strengthen their capital structure.  More details can be found on the Nupex Web Portal

Liberty Media also owns a controlling stake in Direct TV, a satellite TV company and is in direct competition with the owner of Dish Network Corp, Charlie Ergen. Since Sirius XM radio was saved from bankruptcy, they will be able to keep operating their 65 channels of commercial free radio. They have almost 19 million subscribers who listen daily. Liberty Media is based in Engelwood, Colorado and was started by cable TV giant, John Malone.

Problems for Sirius XM radio still loom on the horizon, as they have a $350 million dollar debt due this May and another $400 million coming due in December.

March 4, 2009

Technology and Dating after Divorce

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If you are newly divorced in Seattle and just getting back into the dating scene, be prepared to learn about new technology and dating after divorce. Technology has radically changed the way people meet and date. It is not unusual for people to meet online when they join social networking sites. Before you know it, you can find that you are interested in someone that lives clear across the country, just do not be in such a hurry that get a speeding ticket or God forbid a dui.


Cell phones and text messaging are all the rage these days too. There is an irresistible urge to meet someone new after a divorce and meeting strangers via text messages seems like an innocent and a safe way to begin to get to know a new person. But use caution. While it may be exiting to think someone new is interested in you, you really do not know who you are texting. Eventually there will be a lawyer firm which specializes in this kind of thing, if there is not already. By the way if you live in Seattle and you happen to require a superb Seattle dui lawyer  then may I suggest the Law Offices of Blair Kim. Simply put, he is one of the best Seattle dui lawyer out there at this time, in my opinion.


Instant messaging, text messaging and emailing are the basic new technologies that people use to begin the dating process. You have to also be careful not to build up a false image in your imagination of what the other person really is like. In all actuality, you won’t know if you really like someone until you meet them in person. So many people realize how completely fooled they were and become very disappointed when they actually meet their new love interest in person. New technologies in communications may help to get dates, but they are no substitute for a real, in person relationship. Like I said, eventually they will have a lawyer specialize in cases where people deceive others about their identity and true image using online means.

NY Couples and Daycare Center Owners Arrested on Grand Larceny and other Charges

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In Brooklyn, New York related legal and criminal news, taxpayers are no doubt relieved to hear that Brooklyn District Attorney Charles J. Hynes has announced that indictments and criminal charges have been filed against some eleven people accused of stealing from the New York state, including three Brooklyn couples and five daycare-center owners.  Following an investigation, officials discovered that one couple had allegedly stolen Medicaid benefits totaling $29,406 over a six year period while they owned two daycare centers, numerous vehicles and seven properties! looks like someone needs some credit counseling or perhaps debt consolidation assistance.  The couple allegedly falsified this information when submitting Medicaid applications, reportedly claiming that they were merely employees of the Daycare centers making a paltry $200 per week. I also have a feeling that someone could get sued, and that there could be a Lawsuit issue of some sort or the other involved. As an aside if you need credit counseling debt relief, debt help or management then allow me to sugges this resource, they are indeed one of the very best for credit counseling and also debt consolidation.

Additional defendants were charged with grand larceny, fraud, concealing income and property, and submitting false invoices to the state and are facing hefty jail sentences.  Clearly, for these Brooklyn couples accused of engaging in various criminal activities, greed does not pay (this sounds more like looting and plundering to me actually).  As Charles Hynes stated at a recent press conference:  The message we sent was very clear as it’s not a matter of whether you get caught, it is when you get caught. You can also open yourself up to various litigation issues and cause an Lawsuit cash advance

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