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April 8, 2009

Ebay causes man a Speeding Ticket

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According to reports, State Police Trooper Dan McDonald stopped a driver from Fall City, identified as James Garrett age 46, for driving at a speed of 110 miles per hour on Interstate 90 in the eastbound lanes.

Garrett was traveling in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 90 when trooper McDonald spotted him passing other vehicles and clocked him at a speed of 100 miles per hour. The trooper got a second radar reading while trying to catch up to the driver to pull him over of 110 miles per hour.By the way if you need a reliable Washington car accident attorney check this firm out.

After Garrett was stopped he told trooper McDonald the reason he was speeding, was because he was late placing a bid on the Internet auction site Ebay prior to the auction ending.

Trooper McDonald arrested Garrett for reckless driving, his vehicle was impounded and he was placed in the King County Jail. According to trooper McDonald, Garrett has had multiple criminal convictions in the past for driving offenses. The officer did not go into detail what the other driving offenses were for that Garrett was convicted of

April 2, 2009

The IPod Talking Music Player

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It is good to be back from Phoenix (talking to my 401k annuity firm there)…A new new version of the IPod Shuffle has been introduced, and it is smaller in size, by nearly fifty percent. The newest feature of this IPod is the ability to speak artist, song plus various playlist names. Apple has really been adding¬† a lot of features to their iphone and ipod products lately.All in all, this particular model is substantially more compact than a AA battery and also features a stainless steel clip so that it may be attached and worn. There is not any type of screen on this particular¬† Shuffle making it an IPod which may be used exclusively for music; podcasts plus related audio files. In addition to this, the controls are located on the earphone cord. These controls situated on the earphone cord allow you to adjust the volume and also provide a play button plus a pause button. Apple is one country that will not be needing a bankruptcy attorney anytime soon… As an aside if you require a leading Phoenix annuity calculator which likewise specializes in various types of 401k plus Palm Springs deferred annuities. All in all, if you need a good phoenix annuity calculator then check them out.
who likewise does loan reimbursement and credit repair issues in addition to being a top phoenix annuity calculator firm let me endorse this firm. Back to the main article:
According to a statement from Greg Joswiak the Vice President of the IPod and IPhone product marketing, this is a new approach to how people listen to music, with the Shuffle speaking the names of the songs, artists or playlists.  This one has been getting good reviews so far on various gadget and iPod and iphone related websites and repair websites that I have visited recently. As I said they will not need a Baltimore bankruptcy attorney any time soon.

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