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May 27, 2009

Internet Company NebuAd goes down

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I just got back from North Carolina (in my car) to look fo some designer lighting and custom furniture, time to start blogging. The web firm NebuAd has closed their doors after they have faced stiff opposition concerning their custom methods of gathering Internet user’s information. The company, with their office located in Redwood City, was in business as a targeting advertising system which was to track web use for ad that could be made appealing to the interest of web users. It appears that their methods for collecting data had come under scrutiny and the subscribers did not know about their said methods.
At one point the company had over 30 Internet providers using their service, these users later filed a lawsuit for over $5 million dollars. There has also been a request to turn the suit into a class action lawsuit for the thousands of Internet subscribers.
Documents that have been filed with the United States District Court in the Northern District of California by NebuAd states they cease to exist with their closing. By the way if you spend a lot of time on the internet and you decide to obtain a new set of office chairs and other furniture like that it is suggested that you take into account the ergonomic aspects of the chairs. You can find great designer as well as Custom Furniture at this site made in North Carolina as well as Lorts, Leathercraft, designer lighting shabby chic and custom furniture as well.This is particularly true if you send a lot of time on the computer. In general, ergonomics are a major component of office chairs, and there has been a great deal of research into this area recently. For his part, my lawyer who I spoke to recently has some really nice designer lighting and custom furniture at his practice but then again, I suppose that the majority of experienced missouri car accident lawyer actually do so it is not a huge surprise.
Phorm Inc. a British owned firm is having similar problems with Internet users concerned about their privacy. The company has deals with the three largest Internet providers that account for approximately 70 percent of the British broadband market. The Foundation for Information Policy Research in Cambridge, England spokesperson Richard Clayton stated that the prospective partners of the company’s services are irritated with some of the company’s practices.

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