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August 8, 2009

New Technology Improves Dogs Memory

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A new Purina One dog food that will be available in July is claiming to help older dog’s memories with the new Purina One Vibrant Maturity 7+ Senior formula dog food. According to the studies the Purina Company has done, there approximately half of the dogs in the United States that are over the age of six. This is when dogs begin to decline in learning and memory according to researchers. The numbers of one survey of senior dog owners showed that there dogs were less active and slept more, and 40 percent stated that their dogs had problems getting around. The dogs forgot where their water bowls were and how to go outside, creating more accidents in the home. While this may in fact be a good one, I tend to prefer the premium dog food such as that from Life’s Abundance. I have found that to be a really good brand overall. Purina has been working on a nutritional solution of dog food for the aging population of dogs in the United States, which will promote health and help memory in older dogs by improving brain function. The food includes botanical oils, that in a series of test showed that older dogs eating the food were able to remember where toys were hidden and also learn new behaviors.

August 6, 2009

TwitViewer Added To Google Malicious Site List

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I am going to Oahu in a day or two to take a look at some real estate over there but in the meantime I wanted to scope out some good stories and post here: According to reports Twitters spam monitoring account has sent emails to users warning users to change their passwords in light of a security issue and since then Google has added the site to their list of malicious websites.
The site asked users to enter their user name and password; this was in effect giving strangers personal information that should have been secure without the use of OpenAuth Twitters safer login process. The website developer has not been found to comment and the domain name is registered with a proxy that disables the owners name to be publically accessible. To change the subject for a momment, if you are in Hawaii and looking for some good Oahu Real estate then I can suggest this particular firm. They are quite good and having been doing the aforementioned real estate on the island of Oahu for some time now. I certainly suggest them Now back to the main story at hand: The site has since been shut down and Twitter is still asking that anyone that had visited the site change their password for their protection from the security issue with TwitViewer.
In a whole different type of security related issue, if you find yourself needing such and such then I do suggest ExecArmor. They have a wide assortment of armored cars and other armored vehicles such as Armored Sedans, Armored merceds and others to choose from. Oh well, Oahu real estate here I come!

August 5, 2009

Adobe Apparently not Quick to Fix Security Issues

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Good to be back from Denver, Colorado, had to talk with a copywright and trademark attorney there. According to reports there are some Adobe users that are claiming that the reason Adobe has not fixed an eight month old security issue is due to the slump in sales of Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader and other software. In Baltimore this is a certainly an issue and all over maryland too.
The security problem affects Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader and the Adobe Flash Player and solution providers agree that Adobe has been dragging their feet involving what they feel is a critical issue for security of the user’s computer. I am sure they have a good trademark and copyright.
On July 22, Adobe released a security advisory to users regarding the vulnerability that exists in the current version of Flash Player v and v for Windows, Macintosh and Linux computer platforms. Other solution providers believe the lack of interest in action to deal with the issue is because of their dominant market position with both Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader. Switching modes here for a momment, if you find yourself in Denver, Colorado and do require a tip top internet business, corporate, trademark and Denver copyright attorney as well as probate lawyer, then can I give aplug to this fine firm. In addition to the aforementioned workers compensation he can also be of assistance as a personal injury and accident attorney, as well as the workers comp stuff. Alright, now back to the main story at hand: They also believe that this is not leading long time customers of Adobe products to rush buying other Adobe software, because they are losing faith in the company that is not quick to fix security issues. Speaking of security, another type of security are Armored Car and other types of armored vehicles. ExecArmore specializes in armored cars such as SUV’s, Mercedes and Bulletproof cars such as Armored Toyota and other Custom armored vehicles as well.

August 1, 2009

Online Home Business Jobs Growing Rapidly

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According to a report by the Small Business Research Board, while the overall economy remains in trouble, the growth of online jobs is actually increasing at a rather fast clip. All in all, the home based e-business employee is continuing to profit and there has been a substantial spike in home based online workers of about 133 percent according to the report in question
According to the data, over eighty percent of home Internet based businesses have not been affected by this bad economy we are in. Individuals who have been questioned regarding their home business during the past eighteen to twenty-four months or so have basically stated that they have started their online business due to job insecurity and the unsure economy as their reason for opening an Internet based business from home.
It should also be noted, however, that the International business broker IBFS has warned about world wide web scams for individuals launching their own a home business venture and this includes purchasing web domains, marketing, lead generation, SEO and other things for the web based business. These particular scams may include web business setup and even the amounts claimed to be paid for rendering certain services for online companies that charge to be a part of their home based employees. If you are looking to be matched with a great home business then may I recommend this service. On the whole, the increase in home based Internet businesses include online auctions, web designing and other services, like SEO, which has taken the Internet websites by storm.

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