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September 25, 2009

Upgrading The Avatar

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Well I just returned from the city of Orange County back to Riverside in the great state of California (to see my attorney over there)and I have really been in technology geek mode for a while now and figured it was time for some sort of change. Specifically, I have been doing a little bit of contemplating (sounds like a line out of Pulp Fiction or something you know) and I am possibly considering improving my avatar a bit with with some jewelry additions. By the way if you are in Los Angeles, Orange County, Long Beach, Riverside and you need a wonderful injury attorney then I endorse this firm which also does car accident related cases overall in addition to the other stuff.

However I definately do not want to go over the top here, no sir. I will almost certainly avoid the over the top bling bling and also copper jewelry because it is simply too flashy and just not my style. BTW if you can afford this type of stuff because of your credit score then you may want to consider some type of jewelry such flashy. This stuff is big in Los Angeles and Long Beach like the attorney in ‘Carlito’s Way’ Speaking of that I can endorse this Orange County personal injury lawyer for your personal injury and car accident related needs overal:
He also handles Long Beach and los Angeles auto accident cases.. Personally, though, my favorites are the techno master watches as well as the timeless gold chains in general. if you happen to be in pennsylvania need need your rating score overall.

For the most part, I believe these item types will not really work for me in the long run because I might feel uncomfortable wearing them. It seems to me that the information superhighway has some cool stuff yet again i think I will look for something more my style.

Perhaps simply a gold bracelet or something along those lines. I will let you know when I make a choice you know. I am new to this type of deal so I will go in this case since it is my avatar I am talking about. Speaking of that, I may even go off of the beaten path a bit and choose some kind of contemporary or unique jewelry like maybe artisan or perhaps even some kind of leather jewelry.
Not to change the subject but if you are in Riverside, Los Angeles or Long Beach and need legal help I endorse this particular Riverside injury lawyer and Orange County accident attorney click here for a wrongful death esquire.
who is quite good indeed as a Bellevue accident lawyer as well.

Perhaps I will go with some copper or even bling bling jewelry from a good jewelry designer for techno master watches, for example. It is a just thought for now, you know.
I will be thinking about this over the course of the next several weeks or so. Time will tell I suppose.

September 17, 2009

iPhone and Apple related News

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According to a report in the cutting edge news source ‘MacRumors’, there are some strong indications that the technology giant known as the Apple Corporation may be considering enhancing the in-store iPhone sales and activation¬† business at their retail outlets. I am not sure if they will be offering international VOIP or a long distance plan too. All in all, I really like the said international VOIP. Overall, the changes, which may even be unveiled in the next few days or so, could include various layout modifications to existing shops plus make some “iPhone Activation Zones” where clients may pick up and activate their particular iPhones following the standard pre-authorization process on the internet. By the way this is a great resource if you are looking for internet Phone repair (water damage and other repair issues) as well as iPhone parts and 3g screens.
I like the softphone and internet phone, you can do free international calls from mobile or cell phone with no prepaid calling cards.
The activation zones will reportedly be staffed by a new category of retail store employee called “iPhone Experts”, who will be denoted by unique name badges and t-shirts. I am also a big fan of international voip. With the move, the California based company is definately attempting to make the iPhone buying situation much easier for their clients while at the same time providing a full time iPhone point of contact for the highly competitive retail store environment, and especially for the newer clients whose initial experience with the company’s products may in fact be the iPhone.

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