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November 22, 2009

New Technologies Let The Brain Speak To Computers

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I just got back from NC to see the lawyers and wanted to share an interesting story about the amazing human brain and it’s merging with technology. Last week in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Cambridge Consultants, a product design and development firm, rolled out its newest inventions. They include an implantable antenna, a radio with no knobs, an integrated health data device, a brain control interface system, and a see-through-walls radar device.

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All in all, the implantable antenna in question is developed to monitor blood pressure and other vital functions. Cambridge Consultants has overcome the obstacles that are presented to a device operating in a medium of muscle, fat, and other bodily components. As a quick aside if you need it for long-term car, life or NC disability insurance in addition to the health coverage, this firm is great, then I must suggest this said firm. They can also help with spinal cord and other related personal injury along with the aforementioned health and traumatic brain injury, depending on your insurance coverage overall.. They are very good indeed, some of the finest in SC and NC on the whole. Now back to point:

The Q2 Cube Radio is a study in sophisticated simplicity. This Internet radio, which was developed in partnership with the Armour Group, allows the user to manipulate it by moving the radio around. To adjust the volume, tilt the radio back or forwards. Turn the radio on one of its faces to change one of four preset stations. It is planned to be available in the United Kingdom by Christmas and hopefully NC eventually. It is pretty amazing what the human brain can actually do, is it not?

Technology Advancing With Plug-In Hybrids

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Just got back from San Mateo to visit the attorney via trucking and thought it was time to post again: Plug-in hybrids are different from the hybrids we’re seeing all over the roads today, like the ubiquitous Prius. They both run on gasoline and electric engines, but the plug-in can be plugged into an outlet in your garage overnight and recharge itself. It has larger, more powerful packs of batteries. One of the problems has been that these batteries are very expensive, running into the thousands of dollars, and they need to be replaced from time to time like any battery. But now, the technology is advancing, and the price is coming down. They will still be expensive, but many more people will find them accessible. Just hope the car is not a lemon otherwise you need to take action. Speaking of that, if you are in Missouri or St. Louis and require a tip top Seattle DUI attorney then I must recommend this firm, they are very respected and can also do auto, car plus various personal injury related cases in addition to the DUI attorney stuff in Seattle. then check this guy out. In my humble opinion he is one of the better auto and lemon law attorney in all of the greater San Mateo area in general. General Motors is expecting to have the much anticipated Chevy Volt plug-in model available by 2010, and Volvo expects to have one by 2012, and so do Hyundai, and Toyota. General Motors plans to follow the plug-in Volt up with a plug-in Sports Utility vehicle in 2011. Toyota is gearing up to produce as many as 30,000 plug-in hybrids in 2012.

Hyundai has a new technology with a directly injected 1.6 liter gas engine with a CVT transmission, and a 100 kilowatt electric motor. These are getting popular here in San Mateo as well, according to my friend who owns a San Mateo auto repair…….
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The Blue-Will will be a four-door sports car that will sport a panoramic roof equipped with solar cells that are transparent. The car will be built with eco-friendly plastics throughout the auto, not sure how the repair would work though. The headlamp bezels will be made from recycled plastic bottles. Other plastics incorporated in the car will be made from plant extracts. The Blue-Will will get up to 55 miles per hour in the hybrid-electric mode and will cover 38 miles in the electric mode only. The Blue-Will should be a Greener and cleaner car with a very jazzy and futuristic look. This will also be a safer car if a DUI driver runs into you, then you would need a repair.

November 15, 2009

Use Technology to be seen at Dark

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I just got back to Dallas from Fullerton (man I used a lot of gas in my auto you know to see my lawyer over there, may need a repair) and wanted to pass on this story: A full 11 percent of all vehicle-crash fatalities involve pedestrians in the United States, equaling 5,000 deaths per year. When bicyclists are added in, the number increases by 700. By the way if you need a Fullerton auto repair or for that matter if you are in the state
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It stands to reason, and it is unfortunately backed up by statistics, that as the days this time of year grow shorter, the danger grows greater. This is a popular time of day to run, ride a bicycle, or take a walk to stay fit, right after work or school. I think there actually should be more pedestrians to save on gas, and when I think of how high the gas prices really are it makes me more adamant about that. I mean, in Fullerton gas as well as natural gas prices are through the roof overall. Here in Dallas as in utah it can be a major expense. They should have auto insurance for when the energy prices go up.
In a Newsweek Web Exclusive, Russ Jusalian says in his comprehensive article in the Technology section, dated Oct 15, 2009, called, See Me, Don’t Kill Me, “A 2008 report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration fingers autumn as the most dangerous part of the year for pedestrians, accounting for 29% of pedestrian-related fatalities. The most dangerous hours of the day? From about 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., the time immediately before, during, and after dusk.”
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They may also be able to help you with auto repair costs.
Translated here for the layman, author Jusalian says most high-visibility clothing is yellow or green, because those colors are easier to see. Think of light as waves of energy, with different wavelengths corresponding to different colors.

November 13, 2009

Innovations in Custom Candle Technology

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LAtely I have fired up a real interest in things like designer and custom furniture as well as other crafts. I have learned that a major innovation in scented candles came in the 1700s. The whalers provided it with the wax that could be extracted from sperm whale oil. This wax did not emit a foul odor and it burned brightly and cleanly. Another excellent characteristic was its hardness. It did not get soft in the heat of summer. Michel Eugene Chevreul, a chemist working in France, developed a method for extracting stearic acids from animal fatty acids. This discovery led to the stearin type that we know today. They are hard and burn cleanly and are still used in Europe. If you should need North Carolina Custom Furniture source who can shhip Direct why not try this firm? They also have designer lighting, Outdoor Dining Furniture, leathercraft, Lorts as well as the vaunted Shabby Chic Furniture which is so very cool. It really started taking off after that.
Perhaps the greatest boon to the common man came in 1834. An inventor found a way to custom automate candle making with a machine that produced molded candles. Candles finally became affordable for the almost everyone. A cylinder and a piston formed and ejected candles as the wax hardened up. Of course now we have items square pillar candles and the like, so who needs designer lighting? All in all, chemists learned to separate the waxy substance from petroleum and refine it in the 1850’ to make paraffin wax. Paraffin burned cleanly, and was cheaper to make than any other candle wax. It had a low melting point, however. But then hard stearic acid was added to the paraffin and solved the problem. Edison came along with his electric light bulb in 1879, and changed the world, not to mention candle making. Well time to get back to the designer and custom furniture thing.

November 10, 2009

Facebook, Twitter and Other Social Media Sites

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Growing up in San Francisco, I resisted Facebook, but my sister–who is ten years older than I am with the tattoo to prove it (actually, she wants to use a Laser Tattoo Removal service to get rid of it now)–kept after me until I signed up. I play Scrabble on it, and I don’t do much else, but I do peek in several times a week to see what my family is up to. It feels so immediate. I do not use it that much, but I will not be on my removal list any time soon either. That brings me to Twitter.
I have resisted Twitter, seeing it as another thing to tie you up, to fritter your time away. But if I want to keep up with the world, can I afford to be such a curmudgeon?
So, I think I’ll figure it out. The Twitter website says that, “Twitter is a free service that lets you keep in touch with people through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?” BTW if you need a superb Laser Tattoo Removal San Francisco service then let me suggest this cool resource if you are in the San Francisco Bay area. Alright now back to the main meat:
That sounds pretty straightforward. Even Oprah uses Twitter. And I’ve noticed the nightly news anchors make a point of mentioning their twittering; they want to assure you they’re on top of things.
Evangelista says that experts say those companies that forbid social networking on the job, “could stifle the creativity of employees who are using Twitter, Facebook and other networking sites to help their companies.” Twitter’s website touts its value to businesses, saying that, “Twitter is a communication platform that helps businesses stay connected to their customers. As a business, you can use it to quickly share information with people interested in your company, gather real-time market intelligence and feedback, and build relationships with customers, partners and other people who care about your company.”
Hm-m-m-m. Maybe I should in fact be twittering.

November 9, 2009

Social Media and Business—A Budding Romance?

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Staying on top of new computer-related technologies that pop up and weave their way into our lives can be fun and exciting, or can seem like yet another thing to tie you up and waste your time. When the personal computer began to revolutionize the world, if you resisted, you were left out of so much in the way of communication, so many advances in conducting business, finances, and so much more, good and bad– but mostly good. I know people who, to this day, say they hate computers. I would rather live without a telephone or television than to live without Internet access. Eventually you will have a technology attorney like you have a personal injury attorney. The San Francisco online news publication, The San Francisco Chronicle, ran an article today, November 7, 2009, written by a staff writer, Benny Evangelista, titled, Social Media Going Corporate. Evangelista writes that at a conference in San Francisco last month, the CEO of Comcast, Brian Roberts, gave credit to an employee for using Twitter to advance the company’s customer service. Evangelista then points out that a survey found that over half of businesses do not permit employees to use social media sites at work. If you need a top san francisco personal injury attorney allow me to suggest this resource, he is top flank.
Seems like it shows a lack of initiative on the side of management not to keep up with the new waves of social change that are having such a great impact on society. In the beginning, many people discounted the significance of the Internet. It’s hard to find anyone today, other than a dusty diehard, who would say the Internet is insignificant.

November 8, 2009

Los Angeles Steps Into the Future With Fuel Made From Algae

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I just returned from Los Angeles and Kansas City (talking to a friend who is a irs tax plus probate attorney out there) and what a green zone it is. In the November of 2009 issue, Time Magazine says that Southern California’s La Jolla-based Synthetic Genomics is a company to watch. A private company founded in 2005, the company gave a press release last July, stating that Synthetic Genomics Inc and ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company had signed an exclusive, multi-year contract to develop the “next generation biofuels using photosynthetic algae.” As a side note if you need a first rate Kansas City irs lawyer then the offices of this firm are a good place to start if you need the said irs tax help over in Kansas City. They are, simply put a firm of top drawer irs tax attorney in southern the region overall and the city of Kansas City specifically. Now back to the story:
The algae commonly known as blue-green algae uses sunlight to convert carbon dioxide into cellular oils or lipids. SGI will develop the best strains of algae for mass producing and cultivating algae for processing into biofuels. The photosynthetic-algae technology can—experts say—produce far more fuel than corn or other crops in the same amount of space.
ExxonMobil will use its scientists and engineers to aid in the development of processes to increase the scale of the production of algae from start to finished fuels. In the past the algae has been grown and harvested in a way that was high in cost and time. Sunthetic Genomics has been working on algae strains that produce lipids in what they say is a “continuous process that is currently more efficient and cost-effective.” All in all, Los Angeles and really all of California are leading the way in this type of technology, and I do hope that Kansas City follows. Perhaps there could be some tax incentives?

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