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August 15, 2010

Hawaii Innovation in Green Technology

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In an interesting turn of events, the state of Hawaii is rapidly becoming a leader for green technology and becoming a model for other states to follow as we attempt to rid ourselves of foreign oil as a nation. While kauai gets some of it’s power from hydroelectric and wind farms are taking advantage of the open real estate of Molokai and Lanai in order to power the island of Oahu, the big island is looking like a major player in this whole process overall. Here are some of the details regarding that: In a fascinating process, algae is put in ocean water with carbon dioxide and some special nutrients, and the sun goes to work. As it outgrows its container it’s moved to bigger containers and finally in huge ponds. The algae falls to the floor of the pond. At that point the water is removed and the oil is extracted. Some of the islands simply have too liitle open real estate (too many vacation rentals)
The project is also being funded by the U.S. Department of Energ, which has given Cellana $9 million to help with the costs of conducting testing to increase their yields and grow the crops more efficiently in as compact an operation as possible.
Protein and carbohydrates that remain after oil is extracted may be processed into fish meal and other animal feed to help defray the high costs of the farms. The Cellana consortium, which is essentially a pooling of resources between the powerful Royal Dutch Shell corporation plus the green leader known as HR BioPetroleum, basically plans to take full advantage of the vast expanses of real estate on the big island. Incidentially if you are looking for a kauai vacation rentals then let me suggest Bali Hai as they specialize on vacation rentals over on the island of Kauai overall. Needless to say, the big island with these and other attributes really has the possibility of cutting edge levels of research and development with regard to certain strains of algae plus the most effective means for growing and harvesting it for the rapidly growing biofuel industry overall.

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