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March 23, 2011

Monster Communications Deal Making History

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Good to be back from Denver, had to see my attorney over there. The financial markets are a-buzz with the news this morning that AT&T plans to purchase T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom for $39 billion cash and stock. The deal could mean the new behemoth could become America’s largest wireless carrier. I am not sure what they are going to do with this and also and business internet phone plans or for that matter international calls from cell phone with calling cards and so forth.
As usual, what looks like a great thing to Wall Street, looks like another smack down for the little guy. T-Mobile had some of the better deals around for small consumers.
In a report in MarketWatch, written by Jennifer Waters this morning, under the title, “What AT&T’s buyout of T-Mobile means for you,” electronics editor at Consumer Reports magazine was quoted as saying, “It’s likely to make the [cell-phone] market more and more into a duopoly between AT&T and Verizon.” Did not mentioned the international voip. This reminds me of the deal that went down in Denver earlier.
For Wall Street, it’s the details that are of interest, such as the fact that JP Morgan is backing AT&T with a $20 billion bridge loan to make the deal with Deutsche Telekom happen. O)h by the way if you are in Denver of for that matter Highlands park and need a qualified Denver internet attorney who also does copywrite, trademark, business contract and also is a Denver software licensing attorney then I do suggest this leading firm. Also, AT&T will pay a “reverse break-up fee “of $3 billion in cash if the deal doesn’t go through. AT&T would also have to relinquish some of its rights to wireless spectrum and roaming capabilities to Deutsche Telekom.
CNBC Reporter Kate Kelly wrote a piece under the headline, “JP Morgan, AT&T Bet Big on Telecom Deal,” posted today, March 21, 2011. Kelly says, “In percentage terms, AT&T’s 7.6 percent reverse break-up fee is the largest in M&A history.

March 18, 2011

Prolotherapy and PRP on the Cutting Edge of Medical Technology

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I just retuened from a Sun City nursing homes to see my grandmother and learned about PRP injections and prolotherapy treatments a while back, and once I read about it I started seeing quite a lot of mentiones of it here and there as a whole.
I thought to myself, if you have a sports injury such as a rotator cuff tear, then really why not try a treatment which is simple, harmless, and even inexpensive prior to to the intrusive surgery option?
More and more healthcare providers are coming to this conclusion, and prolotherapy is gaining steadily in popularity around the world. PRP which stands for Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy has been used (along with prolotherapy) for a variety of different conditions out there.
For example, Dr. Mitchell J. Bloom, graduated medical school in New York, completed his four year residency specialty training at The University of Rochester in 1989 in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, started his medical career as the Associate Medical Director of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at two hospitals in the U.S. and in 1989 he became the founder and Medical Director of The Centre for Mind – Body Medicine. Because PRP and prolotherapy injections are treatments aminly used in sports injury rehab you will not likely see it in Phoenix, Arizona and arizona luxury homes for the elderly as much. I am not saying it is never used in elderly care but PRP is just less likely to be seen in a arizona luxury homes or Sun City nursing home overall, that’s all.
Dr. Bloom is Board Certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, a Diplomat of The American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and a registered specialist medical doctor with The Medical Council of New Zealand, a member of the Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, New Zealand Association of Musculoskeletal Medicine, Australasian Integrative Medical Association and the American Academy of Pain Medicine.
Sr. Bloom is a passionate believer in prolotherapy, and only one eminent example of a provider of the treatment. From China to Japan, from Australia to Spain to the U.S. prolotherapy is becoming a staple in the treatment of chronic pain and musculoskeletal injury.

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