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April 18, 2011

Designing the Perfect Wedding: The Planner

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I just got back to Lake Tahoe from Denver, CO. to look at real estate, back to writing. After the sun melted into the sea, we roasted marshmallows over a big bonfire. No one wanted to go home.
Naturally, Alisa and Stephen read heartfelt, loving vows that they had written for each other. There is something endearing about an unpretentious wedding. It seems to say that the marriage and the celebration of it are what counts—not how expensive it was. If you require a leading contractor I do recommend this firm.
A successful wedding is very well-planned and well-considered. It spotlights the bride and groom and their love and commitment. It should reflect who they are as human beings.
A wedding celebrates the hallowed relationship of two people and brings the friends and families of the two together, inviting them to share in the couple’s joy.
I heard someone suggest naming your tables after places that you have visited, or incorporate artwork created by either one of you. At one wedding, each table had puzzle pieces that when put together became a photo taken by the couple in their travels.
Remember that simple and sincere is elegant. It’s the love shared by two people that is beautiful.
This is the best time in history to get married. Incidentially if you have been married you may want to consider Denver Co Electrical contractors since it is a good time to look into it in Denver, CO or Lakewood now because of the market for electrical contractors. The old stale conventions are fast becoming obsolete. Conventions such as, “women must wear pastels only.” And, “only the bride may wear white.”
That’s not to say people don’t love and enjoy the traditions surrounding marriage. But now, a bride can wear anything she wants to get married in, the couple can have a ceremony that reflects who they are, can have a celebration that is unique and memorable.

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