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January 30, 2013

On-site Optimization for Law Firm Websites

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In order for law firms to gain a competitive edge in today’s online community they need to adapt an effective internet marketing plan. This includes search engine optimization strategies or “SEO”. SEO can be a challenging and overwhelming task for law firms to try to tackle themselves. It can be greatly beneficial to have lawyer SEO experts handle the task. The technicians and designers at WebShark360 have the skills and knowledge necessary to give your website the added advantage it needs to excel in today’s competitive market.
SEO requires more work than traditional Pay Per Click campaigns. However if it is done well, it can be incredibly effective in getting your site noticed online and save you a great deal of money as well.

On-Site Optimization Tips And Practices

On-site optimization is search engine optimization that takes place on your own website to boost its ranking in the results that come up when people type in searches. Techniques that are used include:
• Code optimization
• Internal structure
• Dynamic content
Code optimization – consists of things such as meta tags, title, keywords, descriptions and robot tags. These are usually not visible to visitors and consist mainly of “behind the scenes” work. Google is constantly changing the algorithm that they go by to determine rankings of sites. In recent years meta tags and meta keywords are increasingly becoming less significant in determining rankings. The site of Alexander Cohen, ESQ could be an example.

Internal structure and Navigation Of The Website

All in all this basically involves how the website is set up and consists of things such as how many clicks it takes for visitors to get to the inner pages on your site. If your website is too deep and hard for visitors to use, Google will pick up on this as well and it may possibly work against your ranking.
Dynamic content strategy – has become extremely important in SEO. Websites with a lot of quality content that readers want to read are rewarded by Google with higher rankings. If you would like help with finding other ways to market your firm on the internet then contact the lawyer SEO professionals at WebShark360. Their skills and knowledge can give your website the added advantage it needs to excel in today’s competitive market.

Removing Your Law Firm’s Past Social Media from Google Searches

Perhaps someone from your law firm violated Professional Rules of Conduct on the company’s Facebook page by posting a comment that boasted or celebrated a recent courtroom victory. Or maybe someone posted inappropriate and unprofessional pictures of attorneys or staff members partying at the recent holiday company event. Either way, the posts or photos show the firm in a negative light and you’d prefer that they not show up in Google search results. Although preventing information from showing up in searches after it has been posted is not the easiest thing to do, there is still hope for those who would rather keep unflattering posts and pictures hidden. The lawyer SEO professionals at some firms can help your firm handle your online marketing efforts and help you get noticed in the most positive light.

Many social media sites that are out there such as Facebook and Twitter provide privacy options for who can and can’t see the content that you post. You can change the name on your account or your privacy settings. This is however only effective for content that you post going forward. Is does little to remove content that you have posted previously. Facebook allows you to delete a previous post eliminating it from your page but it may still show up in Google search results. It is however possible to remove previous posts from Google searches. Here are the steps:
• Copy the URL for your social media profile
• Open Google’s “Content Removal Page”
• Click the “Create new removal request” button and paste the link to your profile
• On the next page, give a piece of information that is on the cached version in order to remove cached content relating to the page.
• Submit your request

It is important to keep in mind that not all requests for links to be removed will be granted and there is no set time for when the information will be removed. If you would like help with other ways to market your company on the internet then contact the lawyer SEO experts at WebShark360. We help you build a site that fits your audience and gets you the attention you desire.

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